Beauty Is Not Skin Deep Essay

The price of beauty has continued to increase in recent years. As a nation, we are spending more now than ever before. Of course, there are far more cosmetic treatments available than there were a decade ago. But are we spending our hard-earned cash wisely? What part of our appearance is it that you focus on? Most of us worry about our faces most. But beauty isn’t only skin-deep. There are many things that affect how we perceive beauty. After all, there are many things that make a person beautiful.



How a person behaves can affect how others see them. Some will see a beautiful person in an act of kindness. Others will find they are not attracted to people that are unkind or self-centered. This suggests that beauty can be found in your actions as well as your physical appearance. Have you heard the expression ‘she’s a beautiful person’? Surely this refers to the beauty of their soul rather than the prettiness of their face?


Those that like to people-watch often observe beautiful moments in people’s lives. Human interaction can be both beautiful and ugly. Watching a mother playing with her toddler is a beautiful thing. It makes no difference what they look like. But when one person hurts another, it is unlikely the observer would describe the attacker as beautiful.

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Our feelings are often written all over our faces. When we’re in a good mood, we smile more. And smiles are a beautiful thing. But when we’re angry or upset, it can change our whole demeanor as well as the look on our face. Hiding your true feelings can be much harder than you think. Your eyes will give you away! A positive outlook will often lead to a more positive response. And chances are you look more attractive when the glass is half full.



A smile is contagious. And smiles make all of us look beautiful. When the smile is genuine, there is a little glint in the eye. This can be the most attractive part of a smile. But there are occasions when you may be too self-conscious to smile fully. Your teeth are a big part of your smile, so it’s important to take good care of them. Oral hygiene is essential to good health and healthy teeth look beautiful.


If you have good oral health, chances are you feel more beautiful because of it. It’s easy to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Flossing daily can protect both the teeth and gums from bacteria building up. Mouthwashes can also neutralize bacteria and keep your breath fresh too. Even if you struggle to find time to keep up a good brushing routine, you should always attend your dental checks.

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There are many cosmetic treatments in dentistry. You may choose to have your teeth better aligned. Most of us have tried some sort of whitening treatment. It may be in your toothpaste or mouthwash. Or you may have tried a professional whitening at your dental practice. We all prefer to have white teeth because it is a sign of good health. And it is human nature to find healthy people to be more attractive to us.


Good Health

Good health makes you feel good inside and out. You feel stronger, and you may feel that you look better. After all, when we have colds and flu, it does make us look quite awful! Fortunately, these viruses don’t last long, and we are usually back to full health in a few days. Feeling healthy and looking healthy can help us feel and look more beautiful too.


Long term health problems can make you feel so miserable. Pain and discomfort are difficult to deal with. The last thing on your mind in these circumstances is your physical appearance! But in some cases, it may help you overcome your illness if you continue to take care of your appearance. It’s easy to neglect things when you feel so run down. A spa day or shopping spree at the makeup counter can sometimes go a long way to helping you feel better.

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The health of your skin can be difficult to maintain too. Acne and other skin blemishes can make you feel self-conscious. And they can also give the impression that your health is not at its best. For a healthy look, you may need to approach doctors that specialize in treating this kind of skin health complaint. Websites like detail the kind of problem that can affect your skin’s health and how to overcome them.



A good posture can make us look more confident and more relaxed in the company of the people we’re with. A good posture requires a strong core muscle and upright positioning of the neck and head. When we’re feeling shy, the spine can curve, and our shoulders might hunch. It’s a little like a defensive posture, but it does little to make us feel attractive. You may need to work your muscles a little harder to get a great posture, but it can also energize you.


Yoga practice helps you relax. By holding different postures and poses, you can feel energized as well as more focussed. Your flexibility will improve, and you’ll feel more confident about your body. It’s quite good for toning and strengthening too! If you’ve ever been to a Yoga class, you might notice that most participants are smiling at the end. They appear more relaxed with better posture too. Do they appear more beautiful at the end than they did at the beginning?

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We are naturally drawn to people we find attractive to look at. But part of that attraction might also gauge how the person holds himself. Body language is mostly subconscious, but it reveals a lot about us. A good posture may be perceived as being more open and welcoming. And if we find a good posture attractive, chances are we will find that person to be quite beautiful too.


Facial Features

Many of us would agree that, in our culture, facial features are a big part of beauty. We tend to like small noses, pronounced cheek bones, big round eyes, and full lips. Other cultures around the world like other things. Of course, very few of us are naturally blessed with features that look exactly like the ideal. That doesn’t mean the features we have aren’t beautiful. But it does lead to some of us exploring cosmetic surgery to alter their appearance.


Of course, some cosmetic surgery is used to correct damage from injuries and illnesses. Some health trusts and insurance policies cover the procedures. This is because our appearance can affect how people treat us at times. It is thought this is a cultural problem that extends beyond the natural instinct. Should beauty be judged by the shape of our faces and features?


Lots of cosmetic treatments are used to delay the appearance of the signs of aging. We are keen to look fresh-faced and young for as long as possible. It can be perceived as more beautiful. However, there are many faces of different ages that are beautiful, regardless of the shape and size of the features. It may be a matter of taste. But most of us would agree that surgical procedures like this are chosen to help boost confidence.


Makeup and Fashion

The way we style our appearance is often determined by the makeup and clothing we choose. Shades of lipgloss and cuts of dresses can all be considered beautiful. Do they make the wearer more beautiful? Gorgeous clothes and great cosmetics can certainly make us feel more attractive. They can often help us feel more confident. When you wear something a bit more glam for a night out it really does seem to get you in a good mood for a great evening.


Of course, it’s easier to find the look that suits when you know how to shop for your shape. Fashions come and go, but if you know your body shape, you can find great styles that look great every season. The classic hourglass shape is a body shape our culture finds appealing for women. We are drawn to men that have broad shoulders and shapely arms too. Yet other cultures may find other shapes to be more beautiful.


Lipgloss, eyeshadow, and blush are used to highlight our facial features. It is these simple cosmetics that are the cornerstone of the cosmetics industry. But they can look completely wrong if you get the wrong shade for your skin tone, or shadow the wrong shape. It’s not easy to get it right, which is why there are so many successful YouTube channels and websites to help you!


Is beauty only skin deep? It seems that beauty is measured and regarded in many different ways. And it is affected by many different things. We’re all beautiful in our own way. You might feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Of course, there will always be times when you feel a little less attractive than usual. But never let anyone else be the reason you feel less than beautiful.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," said Margaret Wolfe Hungerford in 1878 in Molly Bawn. But today, it seems that beauty is only about youth, a predefined set of features when it comes to women. Assumptions or stereotypes of who is beautiful can impact women's lives including their incomes, access to resources and interpersonal relationships. We spend billions of dollars on elective plastic surgeries, facelifts, Botox, creams and makeup, sometimes with dangerous consequences.

I grew up in India, where beauty is equated with being fair-skinned and the level of income you get can depends on it. Women use Fair and Lovely cream to bleach their skin so that they transform into the accepted norms of beauty. In addition to the reported inclusion of worrisome ingredients like hydroquinone, steroids and mercury, the lack of its efficacy can lead to other problems. A friend of mine went into a deep depression because Fair and Lovely didn't lead to the results it promised, i.e. a handsome husband.

I now live in the U.S., where youth appears to have the corner on beauty. Hence the willingness to go under the surgeon's knife and use potions that promise the elixir of beauty. Reality television shows like Botched have done little change perceptions or behavior.

But, it's not just older women who face the burden of having to appear beautiful. It begins early. Young women can be teased, bullied and much more for not fitting to the accepted norms. Anorexia and bulimia are frightening disorders beginning in teen years or young adulthood, often caused because we value "thinness" and teach our girls to believe the same.

However, change is happening, but slowly. The film, On Beauty attempts to bring us a different image of beauty. The film follows people to help us see beauty with a different lens. At the same time, we are seeing a new generation of women who are pushing back that "we need to stop convincing girls they're beautiful."

Advertisers are recognizing the need for change and stepping up. For instance, the Dove Soap and Lotions Company is trying to change the conversation uniquely through its advertising and public relations. Although some women think this is creepy.

Change is happening locally in Chicago as well. As an example, The Viola Project is empowering young girls from 10-16 to use their voices, learning through Shakespeare. According to them, "students practice self-defense, create visual art, learn musical instruments, study stage craft, interview professional women, attend live performances, and perform works of their own".

Let us know how you define beauty for yourself. This month, we are talking about body positivism and would like you to weigh in. Add your voice to the conversation: @ChiFndn4Women / #BeautifulMind

If you're struggling with an eating disorder, call the National Eating Disorder Association hotline at 1-800-931-2237.

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