Montero Sport Vs Fortuner Comparison Essay

Jakarta, AutonetMagz – The biggest war in current automotive segment are basically not in the LMPV segment as the biggest volume segment, it is at the new ladder frame SUV who just launched recently, the new Pajero Sport, Everest and Fortuner who came with a quantum leap in terms of technology to compete each other to become the king in their segment, curious of how its going to be  if we compare all three of them? let’s read the article below.


All three cars are basically a new redesigned cars, so we could appreciate its new design without have to imagine the previous generation. Starting from the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Mitsubishi change the previous Pajero Sport characteristic who are more mysterious into a more aggressive and futuristic.

We wouldn’t find the roundish styling of the previous generation, as it now apply a sharp and modern design, thanks to the dynamic shield styling like the Mitsbishi Outlander who just got a facelift. For the technology, the front fascia of the new Pajero Sport also already apply a LED positioning lamp, HID lamp, and headlamp washer.

Now lets look at the All New Ford Everest appearance, as we appreciate how Ford able to create the new Everest looks like the Everest concept. This car are far more good looking if you see it by yourself, and we are sure the design will be timeless as it looks masculine and still inherits the American Styling ambiance.

Macho, tough, and manly, that is the impression of the new Ford Everest, but too bad the front fascia are similar as the Ford Ranger facelift (only a slight difference at the 3 grille blade), so do the interior who only differs at the color. From the front, we could see that the headlamp already adopting HID and headlamp washer, plus Ford are not following the LED trend like those two other car from Japan.

Now is the new Toyota Fortuner, probably the appearance are a little bit controversial from the front, but we are sire more people like it than hate it. How about me? frankly I quite like it compare to the previous version, as I think the Pajero SPort and Ford Everest still have a better looking front fascia, but again it depends on everyone’s tastes.

I think the design are quite good, only a couple of design are not too fit, such as the too big Toyota logo and the fog lamp housing. At the front Toyota Fortuner also equipped with LED DRL but no headlamp washer and HID.

Now lets look at the rear, if previously I think the new Pajero Sport have the most futuristic design at the front, at the rear is vice verse, as it looks weird and not proportional with the whole design. Just look at the line of the rear window, the thin rear bumper and rear lamp shapes like a reverse rear tail light of the new Honda Jazz.

Seeing the rear section of the Everest, Ford are trying to take a more calm design and play safe. The design are good, not too good, as it looks like current generation of Toyota Fortuner, but we think this is the most acceptable design compare to two other competitors design.

Fortuner? The rear section are still in a love or hate limits, as a sharp line and not proportional form maybe will attracts some people, or maybe will be hated by others. For me, it looks good, but I think if the tail light are not that narrow, and the rear window line not that weird, the overall appearance could be much more better, but again its good, compare to the previous model.


Inside the interior, The new Pajero Sport now came with a more simple and modern design compare to the previous version, although we could feel the ambiance of the Strada Triton at the upper section, the chrome lining make the appearance looks different and better although still using black color. We really like the futuristic buttons at the transmission console, such as the electronic parking brake, AWD knob, and more luxury and complete steering wheel.

Too bad there are several section that we didn’t like from the new Pajero Sport Interior, like the weird looking AC vent, no in-dash head unit, and AC button who likes it shared from the Mitsubishi Mirage, the rest of that is really Ok.

Inside the Ford Everest cabin, it have the most luxurious interior compare to its competitor, just look at the color combination, detailing, and the bold, luxurious, at once simple design. The head unit also advance, a full touch screen with Ford SYNC 2 by Microsoft, a well organize buttons, and stitching at the dashboard create a luxury ambiance compare to its competitor.

But due to the dashboard also applied at the new Ford Ranger and only differs on its color, it felt less exclusive and less attractive. U think Ford should differentiate a little bit of this interior, just like Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner differs it from the Triton and Hilux to make it felt more luxurious.

For the Toyota Fortuner, again the dashboard is another love and hate condition. I frankly didn’t like the straight looking dashboard, not to mention the middle section looks not too tidy But I still think it looks good, far much better compare to the Pajero Sport at several section. This straight styling dashboard also we could find in several other new Toyota Model, such as the Corolla Altis that we’ve reviewed.


Talking about the features, all three cars got a huge leap in terms of features compare to the previous model. With a little note as we won’t discuss the 4WD feature for this cars, as the 4WD model are likely to be available for Indonesia market, or still be sold but very low volume.

Starting from the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, at the interior, we could find the AC Digital with dual zone climate control, advance touch screen head unit with Multi Around Monitor (Like the Nissan X-Trail), and Pajero Sport is also the only car offer a roof mounted monitor for the rear seats entertainment.

At the driver side, we will find a cruise control, push start stop button, paddle shifter, 8 way electric driver seat, and leather steering wheel. Too bad the car is the only car in its segment who didn’t apply a power tailgate opener to open the rear door automatically, and too bad the rear blower now moved to the right side third row seats just like the old pre-facelift Pajero Sport.

Now is the Ford Everest, as we think it is the most advance car compare to its competitor. Just look at the head unit who acts also as a MID and option controller who could we control inside the vehicle. All version of Ford Everest are equipped with 10 speakers + 1 sub woofer and an active noise canceling system just like high end headphones. The car also came with a panoramic moonroof without eliminating the ceiling blower, plus a power back door, including electric folding for the third row seats.

Advance isn’t it? and not stopping on that, the car like a luxury European cars also equipped with auto up an down at all 4 windows, who usually this feature are available only in the driver side. The last one, although Ford Everest have all the features equipped at the Pajero Sport and Fortuner, it didn’t came with a paddle shifter, despite there are a manual shifter at the transmission lever.

Still in the Everest, we are really appreciate how Ford designs their speedometer with two colors LCD at the right and left, showing an intuitive information, at the steering wheel, we also could find a 4 way navigation jog to control the MID, while at the left side of the speedometer could be used to control the entertainment features and car settings, it really remind us of BMW cars who we have tested before.

The last is the Toyota Fortuner,as we already discuss the Pajero Sport and Everest features, talking about the Toyota Fortuner features seems to ordinary, hence it have a lot of improvement compare to the previous model, just name the paddle shifter, dual Zone AC, more advance MID at the speedometer, cruise control, and push start stop button.

After all we still have to appreciate Toyota Fortuner improvement who now employ a lot more luxury elements such as leather upholstery at the center dashboard plus a stitching accent, and a wood accent at the center console, yes the Fortuner came with a far more complex design compare to its rival.


New Pajero Sport buyer could be proud, as the car equipped with a complete and advance safety features, just name features such as Multi Around Monitor, Forward Collition Mitigation System (or called as the Active City Stop at the Ford Everest), even a more advance one are the Ultrasonic Missacceleration Mitigation System who could hold still the car if the driver accidentally push the throttle pedal and an object standing in front of the car blocking the way.

Other thing who make us happy are all the car above are equipped with 7 airbags, ABS, EBD, Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control (only for the 4WD version), parking camera, Traction Control and Electronic Stability Program. Special for the Pajero Sport and Ford Everest, both of the car equipped with Blind Spot Monitoring System as standard.

For the Fortuner, it is the only car to be equipped with a Trailer Sway Control who have a tasks to maintain the trailer traction when towed by this car. Indeed this feature are rarely used for Asia market, but due to Toyota planning to sell the new Fortuner to US market who are common to use a SUV to tow something, then this feature are set as standard.

The last one is, The Ford Everest will become the first car in its segment who equipped with an Active Park Assist who could park the car by itself just by controlling the throttle and let go the steering just like fitted on the Lexus LS 460. Besides that, the new Everest also came with a Rear Cross Alert who will warn you if you exit a parking lot backwards, and a car going through on your blind side. The last but not the least, the car also equipped with a Roll Stability control who will detect the car yaw position using a Gyro sensors to prevent the car rollover.


All New Pajero Sport are the best all rounder, as it came with a new 2.4 liter producing 181 Ps at 3,500 rpm and 430 Nm of torque starting at 2,500 rpm. It is clear that the Pajero Sport have a more fiercer power even if you compare it to the Pajero Sport Dakar, not to mentioned the transmission are using an 8-speed who also become the first in its segment.

Ford Everest have two engine options, starting from 2.2 liter to 3.2 liter diesel. The 2.2 liter engine is not as good as Santa Fe engine who could produce up to 197 Ps, maybe it more similar as the Pajero Sport at 181 Ps. But with 160 Ps at 3,200 rpm, and 385 Nm of torque starting from 1,600 rpm to 2,500 rpm, it could be ensure that the engine have a quite instantaneous lower rpm response. Not satisfied? don’t worry, as there are the 3.2 liter engine with 200 Ps at 3,000 rpm and 470 Nm of torque at 1,750 – 2,500 Rpm, which on paper the engine would sit in a different league compare to other two Japanese rivals. But surely with a bigger engine, the price tag also become more expensive. Both engine are mated with a 6-speed automatic tiptronic transmission, and once again, too bad it haven’t equipped with a paddle shiter.

Again All New Toyota Fortuner who have a downside if talking about the engine, although the durability are two thumbs up. As Toyota equipped the new Fortuner with a new engine, with 2.4 liter able to produce 150 PS at 3,400 rpm and 400 Nm starting from 1,600 to 2,000 rpm, surely its a quite improvement compare to the previous model.

Need a bigger power? don’t worry, as Toyota also provide a 2.8 liter engine who produce a far more bigger power compare to the 2.2 liter Ford Everest engine and close to the Pajero Sport engine power. The engine could produce 177 Ps at 3,400 rpm and 450 Nm of torque starting from 1,600 rpm to 2,400 rpm. With 20 Nm bigger torque compare to the Pajero Sport, this engine could become a serious competitor.


Basically We couldn’t conclude whoa re the champion in this comparison, as all three cars are not launched yet in Indonesia market, with no fix price list, and of course we haven’t drove it to test the performance, comfort, and accommodation, so we could only give a huge illustration based on specification, features and design base on the available pictures.

Okay, on paper, Ford Everest are excel in every aspects, but the competitors also couldn’t be underestimated as we really like Toyota’s hard work in creating a more bold design and nice features outside of their habits to give a minimum features, then also for the Mitsubishi who work hard to equipped the car with safety features, cool front fascia, and all rounder very good engine. All three of them are very good, and we are glad, finally this segment got a significant improvement compare to other cars in other segment.

A little note for the Ford Everest, as it is a good car based form its concept, only they postpone it too long and too much features already unveiled since 2013, that allows their competitors to improve and learn from the concept car, so that is why when the new Ford Everest introduced, it didn’t feel too Wow anymore, considering the two other Japanese rival also fitted with features similar as the Everest. If only the car launched back with the New Ford Ranger on 2012, we bet it will sell like peanuts, considering the market are too fed up with the Pajero Sport and Fortuner. With this relatively close launching date, surely the new Ford Everst have to fought really hard against its rivals from Japanese brand.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport vs Toyota Fortuner

Any question on your mind about which car to buy? Compare Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x2 AT vs Toyota Fortuner 2.7 4x2 MT on the basis of price, specifications & other features. The Price of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x2 AT (base) and Toyota Fortuner 2.7 4x2 MT (base) are Rs. 27.42 lakh and Rs. 26.20 lakh respectively. The claimed mileage for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Diesel is 13.5 kmpl and for the Toyota Fortuner Diesel is 14.2 kmpl. In technical specifications, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4x2 AT is powered by 2477 cc engine whereas Toyota Fortuner 2.7 4x2 MT is powered by 2755 cc engine.


Engine Type DI-Diesel Engine Dual VVTi Petrol Engine
Engine Displacement 2477 cc 2694 cc
Fuel Type Diesel Petrol
Power 178bhp@4000rpm 163.7bhp@5200rpm
Torque 350Nm@1800-3500rpm 245Nm@4000rpm
No Of Cylinders 4 4
Transmission Automatic Manual
Gear Box 5 Speed 5 Speed
Drive Type RWD 2WD
Paddle Shift
Kerb Weight 1935kg 2000kg


Mileage (ARAI) kmpl 13.5 kmpl 10.01 kmpl
Top Speed (Km/h) 190


Suspension Front Double Wishbone Double Wishbone
Suspension Rear 3 Link 4-Link With Lateral Rod
Brakes Front Ventilated Disc Ventilated Disc
Brakes Rear Ventilated Drum Leading-Trailing Drum
Steering Type Power Power
Minimum Turning Radius 5.6 metres 5.8 m
Tyre Size 265/65 R17 265/65 R17
Wheel Size 17
Alloy Wheel Size 17 Inch 17 Inch
Tyre Type Tubeless,Radial Tubeless,Radial


Dual Tone Dashboard
Ventilated Seats
Additional Interior Features
Fabric Upholstery
Leather Seats
Rear Seat Headrest
Seating Capacity 7 7
Doors 5 5
Boot Space 500-litres
Fuel Capacity 70 Liters 80 Liters


Alloy Wheels
Trunk Opener
Additional Exterior Features Fog Lamps Normal to LED
Outside Rear View Mirror
Turn indicators on ORVM
Xenon Headlights
Trunk Light
Rear Spoiler
Roof Rails
Length Width Height 4695*1815*1840 4795*1855*1835
Wheelbase 2800mm 2745mm
Ground Clearance 215mm 220mm


In Car Entertainment (Audio) Multi-Function MP3 CD, USB, AUX Entertainment System With 6 Speakers (2 Tweeter) Navigation Turn Display on MID, Touch Screen Audio with Capacitive Switches [DVD, BT, USB, Aux-in, 6 Speakers, NAVI, Remote]
Addtional Comfort Features
USB Charger
Steering Mounted Tripmeter
Central Control Armrest Not Available Not Available
Tailgate Ajar
Gear Shift Indicator
Rear Curtain Not Available Not Available
Luggage Hook and Net
Battery Saver
Lane Change Indicator
Additional Entertainment Features
Rear AC Ducts
Power Steering
Steering Column Collapsible Tilt Steering
Steering Mounted Audio Control
Cruise Control
Power Windows ( Front / Rear ) Front and Rear Front and Rear
Adjustable Driver Seat
Heated Seat Front
Heated Seats Rear
Adjustable Front Passenger Seat
Lumbar Support
Folding Rear Seat Bench Folding Not Available
Rear Seat Center Armrest
Dual Trip Meter
Door and Trunk Ajar Warning
Low Fuel Warning Lamp
Seat Belt Warning
Push Ignition
Music System
AM/FM Radio
USB Auxiliary Input
DVD Playback
Touch-screen Display
GPS Navigation System
Speakers Front
Speakers Rear
Automatic Head Lamps
Auto Rain Sensing Wipers
Follow me home headlamps
Adjustable Head Lights
Parking Sensors Rear Rear
Remote Operated Fuel Tank Lid
Front Cupholders
Door Pockets Front & Rear Door Front Door
12V Power Outlets
Cigarette Lighter
Bottle Holder Front & Rear Door Front Door
Sun Roof
Moon Roof


Airbags Driver and Passenger Driver, Passenger, Side Front and Side Rear
Seat Belts
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
Brake Assist (BA)
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
Traction Control System (TCS)
Engine Immobilizer
Central Locking
Child Safety Lock
Fog Lamps (Front / Rear ) Front Front
Rear Wash Wiper
Rear Defogger


Standard Warranty (Years) 3
Standard Warranty (kilometers) 1 Lakh

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