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See the post on Jor Bangla Mandir HERE.This post has series of pictures of the terracotta panels on Jor Bangla mandir (temple) façade.Terracotta has a shelf life of 300 years. During 16th century when there was scarcity of good construction materials like stone, the solution was terracotta. You will find the distribution of such terracotta temples along the alluvial delta of Ganges River where there is abundance of clay.

The discovery of ‘permanence of baked clay’ since ancient times was a boon for the temple makers. The basic structure was made from local laterite and brick. Laterite is red clay; it is coarse in appearance and is used for making foundations, platforms and walls of buildings. It is given a finish with stucco.

Sculpting is done on stucco; unfortunately the fine finish tends to wear off with time. The whole structure looks as if it is enveloped with terracotta plaques. The characters are lined up to create a story on the facades. On some of the facades you will see the rhythmic effect of the repetitive panels above the arches. Be aware, one tends get lost in the flow of the story and in the process loose track of flow of time!







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