Essays About Someone Who Has Impacted Your Life

I know, I know, I’m like ten years late to this show. But come on its the best show there is, bring Greek back 2018. The whole show centers around the life of college students and as we college students we can relate to almost everything that happens in the show. The girl drama, the boy drama, the will they won’t they and the fun times that are had. Throughout the show there are different couple pairings that involve all the main characters. Some are good and some are not so good, so here they are ranked by yours truly.

10. Rebecca and Cappie

Sorry guys, I know there were some that liked them. But Cappie dating the girl who hated Casey just is too much for me. Plus, they didn’t match really, the rich girl and the hippie guy. Come on this was pretty bad.

9. Evan and Frannie

This was just a way for Evan to get back at Casey and for Frannie to get that life that she always wanted with the rich boy. This obviously was doomed from the start since it was practically a transaction for the both of them. And Even cheated on someone…again.

8. Ashleigh and Simone The Professor

This was a short lived and somewhat awkward situation. Ashleigh started dating Casey’s law professor, who has this thing with paying for everything. At first it seemed like the perfect relationship for Ashleigh but then he started trying to control where she went and it was see you later professor.

7. Casey and Evan

I know they were the IT couple and just perfect for each other, but he was a jerk to her. And yes, after he cheated she did stay with him just for the benefits. But I mean he stole her from Cappie and continued to try to keep them apart. They were both just wrong for each other.

6. Ashleigh and Fisher

They were the secret romance that came into the light and then it went downhill from there. They seemed perfect for one another, but then he cheated again and again and again. But they are married in real life, so that is kind of perfect.

5. Calvin and Heath

We saw Calvin work through all the different types of college relationships, but he always came back to Heath. They met during the very first episode and made it through break ups and everything. So they deserved a spot on this list.

4. Casey and Max

Honestly Max was the sweetest thing ever. He was the hot dork that everyone wanted to love and he even gave up Cal tech for Casey! But sadly, their relationship couldn’t last when Casey finally realized that she was still in love with Cappie. Leaving Max heartbroken and off to England.

3. Dale and the land lady

I know you’re thinking why is so low, but it’s because good ole dale needs to be on here and this was his major relationship. This was the one that changed his world and made a man as one would say. So as far as relationships go, this one was big.

2. Rebecca and Evan

They both deserved one another. Yes, as the seasons went on Rebecca became more and more likeable and Evan not so much. But they are too alike to not be together, both came from the same background and they just got one another. Yeah Evan messed it up and hurt her, but they were great when they were together

1.Cappie and Casey

I mean come on guys, this was a given. Most of the show was centered around them and their on and off relationship. They were each other’s first love and they never stopped loving one another. They were so perfect for one another and finally realized it. They even drove off into the sunset together.

So, there were a lot more relationships on the show from the background ones, to the ones with people whose names no one remembers. But these are the top ones. So, here’s to me being ten years to the GREEK party and finally seeing why it was such a hit in the first place. Bring Greek back 2018!

Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain why and how this person is important to you.

At first, I had absolutely no idea who this person was when I was born. Blind and completely oblivious of who and what surrounded me, all I knew was that I was being held by a woman, tight in her warm arms. As I lay in her warmth, nice and cozy, I could feel a bond forming. When she stroked me lightly with her finger tips, I felt a spark, a spark of love flowing into my soul like an electric current. Even as young as being an infant, I knew she was the one, the one who would have impacted my life the most. My role model, my best friend, my mother.

My mother has always been the one I have looked up to, since the day I first laid in her arms. She's done everything she could do to become the successful woman she is today. I honestly have to say, she is the strongest and most independent woman I have ever met. She speaks out words as if she were the first lady of the united states. My mother's words truly inspire me. Sometimes I would wish that the world could hear her motivating words. She's taught me to go far with my life goals, to be successful and to be better than her. Her support is what has helped me keep on going & given me confidence to achieve my dreams.

My mother is a registered nurse and she would always tell me about her patients and the different types of medical problems they would have. Most of the time, I had no idea what she was talking about. We would end up sitting on the couch for 2 hours talking about diseases, disorders, and etc. Conversations like that have made me want to have a career in the medical field. Instead of helping humans though, I've always wanted to help animals. I've always had a huge love for animals. She never really was an animal person but she always told me to do whatever made me happy.

She's always been there for me in the best and worst situations. Whether I was sick with a fever or devastated about my dog's passing, she's always comforted me and made me feel better with her hugs and words. Friend's have always told me horrible stories about their mothers. Never would I have thought people could actually have so much hate and anger towards their parents. My feelings are the complete opposite. I love my mother with all my heart. Also, not to brag or anything, but I really think my mother is the best mother in the world.

The impact that my mother has made is obviously for my own good. I may not agree with her on certain things, probably because I am a teenager and hard headed, but in the end, It is all for the best. She does these things for a reason, not only because I am her daughter, but also her heart and soul. All she wants is the absolute best for me and she has done everything to make it possible. She is the best.

I agree that using your mother in this kind of prompt is a little cliche, but if you really believe she has had the most impact in your life, work to make your essay stick out from others. Here are some of my corrections/suggestions:

She speaks out words as if she is the First Lady of the United States .

She's taught me to go far with my life goals, to be successful, and to be a better person .

Unless you no longer have these conversations with your mother, I suggest putting the verbs in the following excerpt into the present tense, rather than the "would" tense:

My mother is a registered nurse and she always tells me about her patients and the different types of medical problems they have. Most of the time, I have no idea what she is talking about. We end up sitting on the couch for hours talking about diseases, disorders, etc. Conversations like that have made me want to pursue a career in the medical field.

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