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Traveling Around the Fashion Trends of Women: 20th - 21st Century

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The word fashion trends mean a change of clothing style. The first fashion capital of the world was Paris, France. The ‘Belle Epoque’ was the very first fashion trend. In the early 20th century, women had a conservative figure to concentrate on their body figure. A new style was born in the roaring 20’s, was brought the beginning of modern fashion. The roaring 20’s was known for the flapper skirts, gathered skirts, pleated skirts, higher hemlines, and low-cut necklines. The era of the Great Depression became known for its sophisticated Garbo look, where nylon stockings became trendy. World War II is the start of the pants revolution of women. “The 1950’s were known for a tailored look and immaculate grooming” (Kichura 1). During this…show more content…

Today, women are influenced to wear braziers, which are now known as bras. During the Great Depression, women needed to enter the work force, where they started to wear business suits and fitted jackets with shoulder pads. This generation, imitated the concepts of the clothing trends of women in the workforce. Today, this kind of garment is a formal attire of women. In 1960, ragged jeans became a clothing trend of women. As a result, this attire inspired both women and men to wear this clothing, so this became a unisexual trend. The boyish figure of the 20th century influenced women to replace corsets to bra, stretch bra, and girdles with suspenders. As a result, fashion designers incorporate these concepts to their designs. During the mid 60's and 70's women began to wear T-shirts with slogans, messages, etc. T-shirts continue to exist today for both women and men. Women in the 20th century also influenced the fashion trends of the 21st century in the sports arena. In the 20th century, women began to become interested and active in sports. In the early 1900's, women wore athletic garments, which made it easier for women to move around, while being active. These sports clothing continues to be used today. In the early 1930's, the swimwear for women was born. Today, different varieties of swimwear exists. A fashion designer named Tomas Burberry created sport clothes, which allowed women to have greater ease of

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Fashion Marketing Essay

21st century fashion marketing
21st centuries fashion industry is fragmented. The impact of globalization has made substantial changes in fashion marketing however with the latest information technologies and communication systems the speed of this change will increase significantly forcing imaginative and innovative response to market.

Dicken (1998) points out that the textiles and clothing industries were the first manufacturing industries to take on a global dimension and are the most widely dispersed in the developing world. As a result of these changes retailers moved towards global supply chains for their textiles and apparel products in order to acquire cost and lead time benefits thus meeting their fast moving and demanding consumer needs. “However when a well-selling stock ‘item’ needs to replenish in the middle of the season global sourcing is not very efficient (Bruce & Daly, 2007).” Even with the internet and new communication systems things are still difficult to manage at a distance. And there are some hidden costs; for example lost sales, as a result of a late or incomplete delivery. In some cases it might be better to source locally.

In the 21st century, global changes in life style, income, ethnic group and age continue to broaden the diversity of customer needs and behaviours (Sheth et al., 2000). Consumers have more knowledge of fashion and brands than at any time in the past. Many fashion brands have to face the fact that their consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and often know more about fashion and brands then they know about their customers. However, greater knowledge is coupled with increased expectations and consumers are more demanding of service and value. Definition of value has changed for customers. They are expecting better value for their money as fast fashion companies and supermarkets can give that option to them. The entrance of supermarkets into the clothing market has increased competition and redefined how customers shop for clothing as part of the weekly shop, rather than visiting the high street.

Also 21st century people are increasingly time conscious; they are using the advantages of online shopping and are willing to try new alternative, often global, providers if they feel they can get a better deal. Hence the growth of better businesses like Easy Jet, Amazon.com, and the world’s most successful new e-retailer, E-bay (Webb; 2007). Furthermore internet sites also enable customers to form groups, give reviews and instant feedback as well as compare prices.

Companies which are aware of these changes are developing strategies to be one step ahead of each other and to keep their customers so they do not go elsewhere:

Time is the one of the most important competitive factors in 21st century fashion. .As a result of transportation delays, cost and availability issues are problems associated with international sourcing, some companies are sourcing closer to home so they can push the...

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