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Culture refers to the lifestyle or rather a system of tradition that dictates the thought and even action of a given group of people in a society. It gets its expression in the language, beliefs, customs and even food thus offering a direction for effective successful living. Culture gives one identity of the everyday symbols, customs, body language; food and social cues which becomes very difficult to lose overnight. Cultural adaptation is the processes through which an individual undergoes in order to adjust to another culture different from his normal way of life.

Different countries or environment have differing cultural practices and its common for people to feel disoriented when they leave their familiar surrounding to a different environment or countries. It is quite true that culture restrains our behavior because it plays a vital role in our day to day lives. Culture socializes us into a given way of life and is responsible for determining who we are and our view of the entire world. Who we are does not only depend on our nature and personality but also the culture that surrounds us.

Humans are sum and substances of nature, personality and the culture all of which contributes importantly to the final individuals. Our culture affects how we think, how we behave, who we are and how we respond to our surrounding and it is easily transmitted from generation to generation through the parents, education systems and even peers. Since culture is greatly embedded in our nature and personality, that is, culture is a central ingredient in the production of a human person; it’s a big huddle to adapt to other cultures.

However, we are daily confronted with issues that call for modification, recreation and even elimination of some of the elements of our cultures. For effective cultural change to be obtained there is need to understand the underlying differences in the current culture and the culture one wants to create. Our culture is transformed by our daily pressure on what old tradition that needs to be dropped, how to combine the diverse elements of cultures that surrounds us and the daily decision of the new ideas to be included in the culture.

Cultural change is possible when we define precisely the culture we are building and use those terms to inflict the necessary changes we want to make in the existing culture. As groups of people migrate from places to come together they tend to merge cultures and finally come up with a common cultural practice for all. The most common element of culture that experience drastic changes is the language especially when the groups are interested in trading with each other, they will need a common mode of communication thus the language would be quickly changed to ease trade.

However, there are other elements of culture that cannot be wholly eradicated, such as food preferences and the norms that outlast the reason for their development. For cultural change to be effected all the stakeholders must be willing to change. The social nature in humans that tends to drive them to share their experiences and knowledge with others is another powerful tool in effecting cultural change. Reference: Samuel P. Huntington. Cultures Presentation: Colorado College’s 125th Anniversary Symposium, February 4, 1999.

Culture Changes in Governments

In governments, it is particularly important to be able to have a culture change as an objective when considering the growth of the nation. Particularly in the United States government, this is an objective that is sought after in order to promote economic growth for the nation as well as opportunities for all Americans. In order to improve, there are driving initiatives of the government in order to keep up with modern times and to address new and pressing issues that may not have been considered before. Among the most recent culture change in governments, particularly in the United States, is the drive for sustainability in many different sectors that is regulated by the government. This is an example of a culture change that is being pursued by law-makers in order to keep citizens safe, regulate industry practices, and to keep with the theme of modernizing in a progressive manner.

Because diversity creates challenges as well as strengths, it is important for governments to approach a culture change. This is so that they can pursue strategies that will embrace opportunities that will collaborate, increase performance, and enhance customer service as well. This is an interdisciplinary action that takes strong leadership, planning, and execution teams to implement the open government initiative. Some of the sustainable practices that are being approached as a culture change in the United States government is developing initiatives that will be aimed to promote sustainable and resilient fisheries, for instance. This is also being followed up with a need to create scientific and technological innovation in order to advance the sciences and overall industry. In addition, alternative energy laws are being considered as well in order to bring another interdisciplinary layer that is better promoted via a culture change in the government. When it is decided that a culture change is necessary towards a common goal, that is when real change and progression happens in the government.

Culture changes in the government have always been a fluid and organic process of successful governments that value foresight and vision. It is a vital component of law making in order to achieve progression in desired areas. Culture change in the government is also important in order to keep up with the rapidly changing times and to confront new issues, which in this case sustainability is among one of the major concerns. All in all, culture changes in government need to be interdisciplinary and multifaceted in order to see true change.

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