Regal Marine Case Study

Chapter 5 Case Study Product Design at Regal Marine Discussion Questons answers: Queston 1 The concep± of produc± life cycle applies ±o Regal Marine’s produc±s as i± does ±o any o±her produc± in ±he marke±. In fac±, goods are in±roduced in±o ±he marke± (where ±hey require more research and developmen±), nex± ±hese goods grow±h (which means ±heir produc± design s±abilises), ±hen ±he goods ma±ure (in ±his phase cos± con±rol is improved and produc± line is polished), and Fnally ±he good declines (produc±s should be ±ermina±ed ±o avoid cos±s). In ±he case of Regal marine, ±heir boa±s have a lifespan in ±he marke± of relatvely few years. ²or ±he previous mentoned reason, Regal Marine focuses on ±he cons±an± design of new produc±s. The company designers and producton personnel are in cons±an± pressure ±o respond ±o changing cus±omer ±as±es. Queston 2 I± is clear ±ha± Regal Marine focuses on a di³erentaton s±ra±egy ±o remain compettve. In fac±, according

1 How does the concept of product life cycle apply to Regal Marine products? Regal Marine is known for producing quality boats and has won awards for producing boats that range from 19 feet to 53 feet. It is actually one of the chief suppliers of bowriders, express cruisers, and sport coupe yachts. One aspect that makes the company successful is the company's desire to stay competitive. They do this by evaluating their customer's needs and developing innovative modifications to some of their boats such as convertible hard tops (Regal boats, 2014). Recently, the company acquired Myjive, Inc. with the intention of pushing “the boating industry and their brand forward and needed an agency that would approach the business from an outsider’s perspective and present new ideas” (Regal boats, 2014, para. 5). Concerning the concept of the product life cycle, there are four phases. These include the introduction phase, growth phase, maturity phase, and decline phase (Heizer & Render, 2014). Since Regal Marine's boats have such a short life cycle of 3 years, it must always keep

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