Ad Analysis Essay Rubric Read

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Student Name: ________________________                                Peer Review Name:_____________________

Peer Review Grade: _____/10

Ad Analysis Essay
(100 points; 900+ words)
Scale: 10 = perfect, 9 = quite excellent, 8 = good, 7 = average, 6 = below average, 5 = flunking, 0 = missing

Be sure you write corresponding comments about the following areas on your peer’s drafts so that they know what you’re talking about!









1st--Introduction catches the reader’s eye with a narrative or a good quote, effectively introduces the context or background for the ads, and tells us something about the ads’ purposes.








2nd--Thesis statement is clear and comes from a contestable question or problem based on the ads and the videos/readings we’ve done.  Thesis may also predict what’s coming in the essay.








3rd--Each body paragraph includes a clear topic sentence that “outlines” or predicts what’s coming in that paragraph.  The thesis is brought up somewhere in the paragraph








4th--Body paragraphs are very concretely detailed with description, connotations of description, and explanations of how those go together and help support the thesis. 








5th--There will be a discussion or body paragraph of how each ad is effective or not effective for a specific audience.








6th--At least some of the body paragraphs will use expert quotes that enhance the reader’s understanding of and interest in the ads.








7th--Transitions effectively enhance the essay’s “flow” by making comparisons, contrasts, or by setting up examples, or changes in thought.








8th--Conclusion summarizes quickly but avoids mere repetition.  Conclusion also lays out some of the things the author thinks others might want to do or research based on the critiques in this essay.








9th--Grammar, spelling, usage/diction, and commas/periods demonstrate correct use of Standard American English.








10th--MLA Format and documentation are followed throughout the essay.  There should be graphics of the ads that are properly cited, quotes and summaries must be properly cited, and there should be a final Works Cited page that lists all works used in the essay.








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