Transcendentalism Emerson Essay Compensation

The Law of Compensation

You Get What You Give

Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay, "Compensation," wrote that each person is compensated in like manner for that which he or she has contributed. The Law of Compensation is another restatement of the Law of Sowing and Reaping. It says that you will always be compensated for your efforts and for your contribution, whatever it is, however much or however little.

Increase Your Value
This Law of Compensation also says that you can never be compensated in the long term for more than you put in. The income you earn today is your compensation for what you have done in the past. If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution.

Fill Your Mind With Success
Your mental attitude, your feelings of happiness and satisfaction, are also the result of the things that you have put into your own mind. If you fill your own mind with thoughts, visions and ideas of success, happiness and optimism, you will be compensated by those positive experiences in your daily activities.

Do More Than You’re Paid For
Another corollary of the Law of Sowing and Reaping is what is sometimes called the, "Law of Overcompensation." This law says that great success comes from those who always make it a habit to put in more than they take out. They do more than they are paid for. They are always looking for opportunities to exceed expectations. And because they are always overcompensating, they are always being over rewarded with the esteem of their employers and customers and with the financial rewards that go along with their personal success.

Provide the Causes, Enjoy The Effects
One of your main responsibilities in life is to align yourself and your activities with Law of Cause and Effect (and its corollaries), accepting that it is an inexorable law that always works, whether anyone is looking or not. Your job is to institute the causes that are consistent with the effects that you want to enjoy in your life. When you do, you will realize and enjoy the rewards you desire.

Action Exercises
Here are two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action.

First, remind yourself regularly that your rewards will always be in direct proportion to your service to others. How could you increase the value of your services to your customers today?

Second, look for ways to go the extra mile, to use the Law of Overcompensation in everything you do. This is the great secret of success.

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If you have not read “Compensation” yet then you should read it as it is a great example of essay. Ralph Waldo Emerson is a great writer and it’s proved by his essay “compensation.” What is the life of middle class people? How they survive in such low compensation? All these questions are answered in this essay. This essay truly reflects the pure thoughts and teaches how thinking flow should go. Emerson is very particular while writing this essay and shows reader the actual world.

This world is so busy and no one would find time to look at sorrow. All this is going for money. Money is an essential thing to survive in this world. If money or compensation is low then it is necessary to evade all those ways which lead to joy as without money no one can even take pleasure of joy. True experience of joy can only be experienced if there is money in pocket. If the wallet is empty then this mind will not allow person to enjoy small things. Future thinking will destroy all happiness hidden in this life.

The starting lines of this essay say to take mind away from all joy. Emerson says why he should keep holiday? If his compensation is low then there has no authority to enjoyment to enter in life. This simply shows the depressed thoughts of Emerson. He speaks for those who are gay. Most of men enjoy the presence of gay on their holidays. As there are different people working in different fields, so there holidays are also positioned on different days. Therefore there is no holiday for those who are gay. This shows the deep thinking of Emerson.

This is really impressive as Emerson directly speaks to readers. There are no hidden words used in this essay. Whatever Emerson wants to speak is clear in front of all.

Compensation takes a quick turn at the end. There are few lines showing importance of happiness. Emerson puzzles whether to laugh at some situations or let them go without any reaction on face. This shows a confused mind of Emerson. This confusion is in between selection. He is confused whether to select joy or to let go sorrow. This makes every reader to think deeply about life.

This essay is encouraging for those who are lost in between joy and sorrow. This essay is for those who are confused in making decisions. Those who have different gender will appreciate Emerson’s thinking. This is because Emerson has spoken their words through this essay. It is really sad to not to have one holiday if you are working for more hours, more days and more weeks that any man can rarely do. This is actual stealing of thoughts. Emerson has actually stolen words from the mouth of people who are gay. This is not only for gays but also for those who believes in similar sexuality. This makes this essay more unique than other essays. Once you read this essay, you will wish to read it once again just to understand its real meaning.

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