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The Deloitte critical thinking test is a more complicated form of a verbal reasoning test. This test is provided by Pearson TalentLens, and is also known as the Watson Glaser test.

In this test you are examined against five components of critical thinking:

  • Drawing inferences - Ability to draw conclusions from facts.
  • Recognising assumptions - Ability to determine whether a statement is justifiable based on a given assumption.
  • Deductive reasoning - Weigh up information and decide whether the conclusion is warranted.
  • Logical interpretation - Ability to understand the weighting of different arguments on a particular question or issue.
  • Argument evaluation - Ability to distinguish between strong and weak arguments.

The timing is different in this test to the tests you may be used to, with 30 minutes to answer 40 questions. Given the complexity of the questions, this time frame will challenge you to work quickly but carefully through the test. Our pack contains two 40 item tests, plus additional questions for each section of the test, and the same time allocation per question.

The inference section of the test looks like a true, false, cannot say test, but it contains five answer options instead of three: true, probably true, inadequate data, probably false, and false. This pack will show you how to pick the right option.

This Deloitte critical thinking practice pack is designed to give you an all round critical thinking preparation. With our specially designed Watson Glaser style questions, study guides and video tutorials all aimed at improving your skills.

For Deloitte Aptitude Tests that use CAPP tests, please check out our dedicated pack.

JobTestPrep is not affiliated with Deloitte, or Pearson TalentLens. Our test is designed to help you prepare for the critical thinking test question types you will encounter, but it will not be exactly the same as your test. Deloitte, Pearson and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

What's Included

  • Two full-length mock critical thinking tests
  • 290 additional critical thinking practice questions
  • Normalised test scores
  • Full explanations and solving tips
  • Study guides: inferences, deductions, interpretations, arguments
  • Video tutorials
  • Additional material: over 200 true/false/cannot say questions
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep

Deloitte Aptitude Test Details:

The relevant software has been developed for the company by Talent Lens and Kenexa, both are renowned global HR consultancies that publish various psychometric tests for Deloitte worldwide. The Deloitte aptitude test comes in two parts:

A. The numerical reasoning tests are based on data presented in formats such as graphs and charts. There will be three questions per scenario, leading to a total of 21 questions (21 scenario) that must all be answered within 30 minutes. You are expected to demonstrate your ability with figures, your analytical skills and sensible time management.

B. Critical thinking reasoning skill tests consist of a series of short passages on written information. Applicants are expected to analyse and evaluate the written passages in search of the logical answers. There will be five sections in this test comprised of Assumptions, Arguments, Deductions, Inferences and to Interpret information. questions per scenario, leading to a total of 40 questions (8 x 5 scenarios per sections) that must all be answered within 30 minutes. You are expected to demonstrate your creativity, problem solving and analysis skills.

C. The verbal reasoning tests usually come after the numerical reasoning tests and consist of a series of statements that you must determine as true, false or ‘cannot say’. There will be three questions per scenario, leading to a total of 20 questions (10x2 scenarios) that must all be answered within 25 minutes. You are expected to demonstrate your business judgement and problem solving skills.

Deloitte will not provide you with an informational booklet in preparation for this stage, so you need the relevant information and guidance well in advance. Do not think that you can successfully guess your way through the aptitude test, as you will be sorely mistaken.  


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