My Ten Year Plan Essay About Myself

Your Ten-Year Plan

An exercise to dream big, and achieve those dreams!

What Is this About?

In the last episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, Tim Ferriss interviewed Debbie Millman who described an exercise she calls “Your Ten-Year Plan for a Remarkable Life”.

This is an affirmation exercise that she did when being a student of Milton Glaser in which you write a detailed description details what your life would like 10 years from now, then you read this essay every year. From her own experience (and the one of her students), the predictions are uncanny in the way that they realise themselves.

This motivated me so much that I created this small page to make this exercise more visible. You can find a transcript of the exercise, or the short audio version of Debbie Millman describing it.

Writing Your Plan

So now that you are eager to write your own plan, grab a pen, a paper, and jump into the conversation between Tim Ferriss and Debbi Millman to start achieving your big dreams (6:26). This will give you all the details, and how to best profit from this.

As a reference, you can find the part where she describes the question you need to ask yourself here (1:56), and a transcribed version just here:

So let say it is Winter 2027. What does your life look like? What are you doing? Where are you living? Who are you living with? Do you have pets? What kind of house are you in? Is it an apartment are you in the city are you in the country? What does your furniture look like? What is your bed like? What are your sheets like? What kind of clothes do you wear? What kind of hair do you have?

Tell me about your pets, tell me about your significant other, do you have children? Do you have a car? Do you have a boat? Talk about your career. What do you want? What are you reading? What are you making? What excites you? What is your health like?

And write this day, this one day ten years from now. So one day in the winter of 2027, what does your whole day look like? Start from the minute you wake up, brush your teeth, have your coffee or tea, all the way through until minute you tuck yourself in at night. What is that day like for you?

Dream big, dreams without any fear. Write it all down. You don’t have to share it with anyone other than yourself. Put your whole heart into it. And write like there is no tomorrow; write like your life depends on it because it does.

And then read it, once a year, and see what happens.

It’s magic.

That’s it, I hope it helps you !

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(MoneyWatch) This old-school job interview question still pops up from time to time, and can trip up even the most confident job interviewer. "I see it as a no-win situation because if you answer with some esoteric response, you could be construed as too strategic and not tactical enough. Likewise, if the answer is along the lines of 'I really haven't considered that far ahead in my career,' the take is probably the opposite -- too tactical and lacking in strategic thinking!" says Paul Falcone, author of 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire. While this question is not on Falcone's list of worthwhile ones, there are some ways to answer it "correctly" if you encounter it.

First, acknowledge that 10 years is a long time but that you'll do your best to lay out a timeline, suggests Vicky Oliver, author of 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions. Then, be specific and break your plan into chunks. Explain how many years you'd like to spending learning about the company, mastering X skills, gaining Y responsibilities and (hopefully) moving up to Z position within the organization. She suggests focusing on how you'll contribute, over time, to the company. For instance, "By year seven, I can see myself in a management role, bringing new ideas and initiatives into the organization, and really helping us grow our revenues and client base. Ten years from now I want to have made an impact on this organization in a significant and positive way."

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Clearly, you'd never share that you see yourself leaving in a year or two, using this job as a stepping stone to a better one. But if it seems insincere to say you would spend 10 years at an organization, be super specific regarding the first 5 years and broader when discussing the 5 after that. And never admit to not considering your future at all, even if you don't have a solid long-term plan. Ditto for saying, "I'd like your job" or "I want to be CEO of the company." This will make you come off as entitled and a poor team player. Remember: Your goal should be to show that you're not only ambitious, but also loyal.

How do you answer questions about your 10-year-plan?

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